Sept 2018


BIM and its use in Historic buildings

Meeting Dates

2 pm - 4 pm.

BIM4Heritage is a special interest group established within the BIM4Communities to champion Building Information Modelling (BIM) within the Historic Environment. The group is formed by various specialists, including those from within the AEC industry, Conservation, Heritage Organisations Academic Departments and end-users.

The vision of the BIM4Heritage Group is to provide a forum for organisations and industry professionals to share knowledge and lessons learnt on BIM applied to historic structures.

The purpose of the BIM4Heritage Group is to promote the learning, awareness and understanding of BIM within the conservation and heritage sector of the built environment, and to influence and integrate this with wider industry needs.

Involving a range of disciplines and conservators who have the current stewardship of the existing building stock, it will also aim to enable industry to understand the importance of information relating to conservation requirements.


Group Goals

• Develop consistency of messaging, support and standards of BIM Implementation within the Historic Built Environment. Provide opportunities for communicating best practice, and debating issues concerning the adoption of BIM in both private and public     sectors, and with increasingly advanced applications of BIM.

• Collaborate with other BIM4 Communities to advance knowledge and influence understanding in the broader context of the industry and         built environment, and to initiate the culture change necessary to fully benefit from digital and information technologies and processes.

• Provide leadership in establishing how BIM can be used for heritage conservation, repair and maintenance processes.

Promote historic structures BIM case studies to demonstrate best practice.

• Establish collaborative links to academia.

Ensure that the group activity and outputs are coordinated and integrated with the other BIM4 community groups and CIC regional hubs.


Technical papers are now being loaded into the "Technical Standards" page, we welcome submissions from members, non members, & Academics alike.

Future Meets:

We are currently looking at new dates for conferences

To be Confirmed